Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my project cost?

We offer very competitive rates to a range of clients, signed or unsigned. Every project has it's own requirements (and budget) so get in touch for a quote. See our services and rates for details.

How quickly can you complete a project? What if I need a master done ASAP?

This depends on the size of the proejct and how much work is required. For a single, the turnaround is usually 2-3 days maximum. EPs and albums slightly longer. At busier times, we will let you know. We certainly won't rush a project through to get it out the door, and we encourage clients to 'sit' on their masters to let the result sink in. If you need a same day turnaround i.e you need a track mastered for playing out as soon as possible, we can arrange this a minor increase in cost.

What genres do you work with?

Since the start of Oxbow Mastering, electronic music has gravitated towards us, but we are just as comfortable working in any genre. We have worked in ambient, progressive jazz, hip-hop, drone, j-pop, lo-fi, house, techno, breaks, and everything in-between.

Can you give me feedback on a mix?

Of course, once we begin working together we can help you fine-tune a mix prior to the mastering process. Sometimes a better end-result can be achieved by making changes to the mix as opposed to the mastering stage. Mastering with us is entering into a dialog - we want your material to sound as good as possible and communication is key to this.

How will the process work?

We use for uploads, previews and downloads of completed projects. Using Samply streamlines the whole process, essentially working like a secure, hi-res / lossless SoundCloud allowing for comments and a dialog between ourselves and out clients. Samply is also secure meaning that only you, or your team, can access and leave comments on the files. We will send you an upload link to Samply, we then grab your files, work on them, and re-upload to Samply again for your comments. Once a project is complete, and payment made, you will be able to download the final masters and any other related files required for your project from Samply itself.

How to make a payment?

We generate invoices via Stripe, if this is not suitable we can arrange an alternative i.e PayPal, bank transfer etc.

What should I upload?

24-bit wav/aiffs at whatever sample rate the trackes were created at will be ideal. If you can export at 32-bit, even better. In terms of final levels, just make sure that the final bounces/renders aren't clipping and you are good to go. If you are unsure, just ask! If there is an issue with your bounces, or we are unsure of something, we will be in touch.